Online Vocal Program

Coming soon, we will be offering an extensive Online Vocal Program filled with hours of video instruction – ranging from beginning to advanced technique, as well as workbooks and assignments to be reviewed by Voice Academy LA. 

Voice Academy LA is excited to release an online Vocal Training Program that will include a series of tutorial videos to improve your voice technique. Whether you use your voice to sing, act, teach, or give a speech to a crowd, you can gain an understanding of healthy, solid voice technique that will improve and strengthen your voice every day.

The Voice Academy LA Vocal Training Program will include video tutorials on:

•Understanding your vocal mechanism, physically and acoustically
•Breathing as your foundation
•Exercises to improve breath
•Body movements
•Discover pitch and how to improve your tone
•Relaxation for the throat, mouth, and jaw
•Use your mouth, lips, and tongue to shape and form better vocal phrases
•Learn about resonators that help to project your voice without force
•Phonation exercises through basic speaking and singing 
•Short notes, scales, arpeggios, and various other patterns of singing
•Expanded singing exercises to work your breath and voice together
•Build your range to increase flexibility in your voice
•How to shape your tone to match the emotional intensity of the moment
•Resonance building sequences to feel the vibrations of sound in your body
•Information on how to practice
•Unlocking fear of using your voice in public and build confidence through understanding your voice and body
•Study techniques to apply the exercises to whatever you are working on
•How to unclutter your mind to focus your energy on your potential as a professional.

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