No matter what you teach, how you use your voice to communicate is crucial for your students to gain the knowledge that you have for them.  If you find yourself teaching several classes a day and getting laryngitis often, you probably need to spend some time working on your voice.

Voice Academy LA is for you!

By booking Skype Lessons through Voice Academy LA, you will gain knowledge of how to breathe properly to support your sound, how to make space in your throat and mouth to shape your sound properly, and how to focus your sound to find the resonant quality of your voice.

Each session is tailor-made to you and includes as much or as little of the following:

•Breathing exercises
•Body movements
•Relaxation for the throat, mouth, and jaw
•Phonation exercises through basic singing
•How to pace yourself throughout the day to maximize your voice
•Build your range to increase flexibility in your voice
•Resonance building sequences to feel the vibrations of sound in your body, which improves projection without straining
•Information on how to practice and how to practically apply your technique to your teaching

Your body is your instrument, and your goal should be to maximize your unique sound in a healthy way, understand what you are doing in your body, and have a solid technique that is reproducible every day.